Sell your home for more money!

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Listing hacks to help sell your home for more money!

Everyone wants to make as much money as possible when selling their home, but

sellers have a lot of competition and are somewhat capped by what the market will

bear (not to mention appraisals). But luckily, there are plenty home selling hacks

proven to increase the closing price of your home, all for little or no expense to you.

Since I have 33 of these home selling hacks that will make you more money, I will

bring them to you in this three-part series. Or you can just contact me anytime and

I will share a customized home selling strategy with you!


1. Create a bidding war by pricing slightly below market value

This may feel counterintuitive since you want to make the MOST money for your

home, but by pricing it aggressively you'll create a huge buzz of agents and buyers

who rush to see your home as soon as it hits the market. They'll feel the sense of

urgency and quickly submit full price and higher offers, and most often even engage

in a bidding war that drives your price up.


2. Brighten up rooms

One of the easiest ways to make a house look bigger and more inviting is to brighten

it up, so remove dreary shades and curtains for lighter materials, change outdated

or inadequate fixtures, and consider new bulbs with soft white light. Research

shows that just by doing these things you'll get a 300% Return On Investment when



3. Paint your front door

Maybe you don’t have the time or money for expensive upgrades, but one of the

most effective ways to create a great first impression for buyers is to paint your

front door a bold, bright and clean color!


4. These three terms in the listing description sell houses faster…

Studies show that these three words or phrase in the listing description significantly

boost the sale price for listed homes:

Homes with “Move-in condition” in the listing sell for 12% higher than average.

“Gorgeous” homes see 15% higher prices,

and even the term “Landscaping” (usually describing new landscaping, beautiful

landscaping, etc.) sell for 20% higher.

Of course, we can't just throw those three words in the listing description and

expect huge price gains – they actually have to be true!


5. But don’t exhibit desperation with these terms…

Every buyer wants a screaming deal, and if they even get a sense that you’re

desperate and NEED to sell quickly, they’ll take full advantage of that with lowball

offers and prolonged negotiations. So make sure not to say things like “Must sell,”

“Motivated,” “Divorce,” or other terms that hint at urgency. In fact, research shows

that listing descriptions with these or similar vocabulary usually sell for 30% less

than the average home in that particular market!


6. Clean out the closets and shelves

Since you’ll soon by moving anyways, it’s time to start packing up and putting things

in storage. Go through and remove everything from your closets and leave only a

few books, candles, mementos, etc. on the bookshelves. This will all make the house

look and feel much bigger when buyers start poking around.


7. Highlight the neighborhood

Remember that the buyer doesn't just want your house, but the lifestyle it will offer

them, and that includes the neighborhood. Get creative (and cute) and out together a

custom calendar of events, or highlight your favorite restaurants, cafes, shops, etc.

on a homemade map. You can even leave a fun itinerary for their first week in the

new house including where to eat (complete with coupons), which parks to visit,

and introductions to great neighbors. Trust me – this will make them feel so warm

and fuzzy that they're ready to move in that very day!

You can also leave them information about commuting to work and the common

drive times, nearby hospitals, fire and police stations, etc., and credible rankings for

local schools.


8. Clean spotlessly

Pour a glass of wine, crank up the music and put on those rubber gloves because it's

time to clean your house from top to bottom, including the corners, dusty shelves,

tops of cabinets, packed garage, etc. that are often missed. Of course, you can hire

someone to do this for you, too, but make sure to get carpets steam cleaned as well

and pay attention to any dingy or discolored grout in kitchens and bathrooms.


9. Get pets off the premises

We realize that this one can be difficult, since you love Fluffy/Fido/Nimo SO much,

but if you really want to sell your home for top dollar, buyer surveys show that it's

best to get pets off of the property all together. Not everyone is a dog/cat/or pet

person, and some people have allergies or serious reservations about animals. Even

if you sequester them in a side room, the fact that they are there and the buyer can't

openly explore the home will leave them with a less than positive feeling. Arrange

for your pets to stay with friends or a nice pet daycare just for the short time we're

listing the home, and then you can spoil them rotten once the house sells for more



10. Reseal the driveway

There’s nothing that makes a home look spiffier than a brand new driveway, but

replacing your old, cracked and beat up asphalt can get really expensive. But a great

quick fix is to have your driveway resealed – it won’t cost too much but will look as

good as new for perspective buyers.


11. Highlight energy efficient upgrades

Do you have solar panels? An electric water heater? How about just energy efficient

appliances, solar shades on the south or west side of the home, and extra insulation

in the attic? Buyers LOVE energy efficient features these days, not only because they

know they’ll be saving money on heating, cooling, and electric bills, but because they

feel good about doing their part to help the planet. So make sure to prominently

mention any energy efficient upgrades, features or appliances that will be included

in the sale – with documentation and warranties to prove it.